Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Methods of Lumbar Hernia

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Methods of Lumbar Hernia

Lumbar herniated discs are especially common in middle-aged people, but this disease has now spread to today's young people. Heavy lifting is very effective in the formation of this disease and many people complain about it. Many people have been exposed to herniated discs because of sudden and uncontrolled movements and suffer from pain. Accidents are also effective in the development of this painful disease. Injuries, especially during accidents, will trigger the formation of a herniated disc. Many people have also suffered from this disease due to sudden weight gain and underwent surgery.

Why does a herniated disc occur?

It is bad to be constantly sedentary, not doing sports and not being active. It is in your hands to change this situation that causes many diseases, especially herniated disc. By changing your lifestyle, you can get rid of a herniated disc and not feel the pain. The causes of a herniated disc also include awkward movements and straining the spine. Some movements you make uncontrollably start to damage the muscles in the lumbar region. They then cause a mass to form in that area and create a hernia.

Smoking and constipation are also common causes of herniated discs. It is necessary to live a healthy life for herniated disc disease, which is especially affected by harmful habits. Conditions such as excessive vomiting, sudden bending, and lack of exercise trigger herniated discs. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a healthier lifestyle in order to avoid herniated discs. People with a herniated disc can minimize pain and aches without surgery. The only solution to this is to lead a healthier life and away from harmful habits.

What are the symptoms of a herniated disc?

The first symptoms of a herniated disc are loss of strength and physical laziness. Because the herniated disc causes pain, you feel extremely tired and lazy. At the same time, the painkiller pills and injections you use to relieve your pain do not work. As these effects diminish, you can go to the doctor and find out that you have a hernia. This disease, which causes pain in the leg area, can also cause headaches over time.

Tingling sensation in the lumbar region and restricted movement are also some of the symptoms. Loss of sensation, inability to control reflexes and decreased reflexes are also among the symptoms. Incontinence of the toilet, uneven body posture and the inability to move continuously are also symptoms. To get rid of these symptoms, you should see a doctor as soon as possible and continue treatment without interruption. The gait and posture of people with a herniated disc also start to change over time. At the same time, these people may experience problems such as posture disorder and difficulty in walking.

Lumbar Herniated Disc Treatment Options

Herniated disc treatment options include non-surgical methods as well as surgery. The condition and progression level of the disease are very effective in determining your treatment option. Since many people suffer from this disease, treatment methods are constantly evolving and changing. Physical therapy can be used to relieve this common disease.  Along with medication, surgery may be the only option if the condition is very advanced.

At the same time, ice treatments and immobilization and resting the patient for a while are also effective solutions. This disease, in which injection methods are also applied, is closely related to physical therapy centers. A treatment option is determined by considering the patient's condition and wishes. For this, it is important to find the right treatment option and do research. If the condition can be treated without surgery, it is recommended not to have surgery and more controlled treatments are preferred. However, if it is advanced, there is nothing to be afraid of having a herniated disc surgery.

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