What is Manual Therapy?

What is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy means manual treatment. It is a treatment method often used to treat problems related to joints, muscles, bones and connective tissue.

At our Bakırköy Primary Physiotherapy Center, physiological and anatomical problems in your joints are resolved without any problems with manual therapies. Over time and for certain reasons, certain dysfunctions may occur in the joints. Different special techniques such as mobilization and manipulation are used to eliminate these disorders. With these techniques, joint disorders that occur are eliminated without any problems.

In Which Situations Is Manual Therapy Used?

The question of what manual therapy is good for is also researched by many people. The treatments used use the body's biomechanics and help people gain the ability to move naturally. Different techniques are used during treatments. Many health questions can be resolved within the scope of these treatments.

At our Bakırköy Primary Physiotherapy Center, you will have the opportunity to treat these and many other ailments. People who want their problems to be resolved with this method can receive manual therapy with the techniques most suitable for them. In this context, the methods that are most appropriate according to people's health problems are preferred. In this way, patients have the opportunity to get rid of their problems with the most appropriate treatments.

What are the harms of manual therapy?

The issue of the harms of manual therapy is also researched by many people. In fact, these therapies do not cause any harm. However, therapies at this point must be done with great care. Because even the slightest mistake made during therapies can cause serious problems. Serious health problems may occur if certain adverse actions are taken. For this reason, the therapies in question must be applied by experts in this field.

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Primer Fizyoterapi Merkezini diğerlerinden ayıran şey bugüne kadar edindiğimiz saygın ve lider sağlık kuruluşu olmamız ve kişiye özel hasta-fizyoterapist deneyimi sunmamızdır.

Hemen aşağıdaki butona tıklayıp Primer Fizyoterapi Merkezini arayarak randevunuzu alabilirsiniz.

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