Who can do reformer pilates?

Who can do reformer pilates?

Reformer Pilates appeals to all age groups. Therefore, children, young people, professional athletes, elderly people and pregnant women can use it. However, how the application is carried out varies in each group.

Doing Pilates between the ages of 8-16 can provide solutions to posture disorders before they settle in the body. It also helps you live a healthier life. The difference between reformer pilates is that it is done using a tool. It was first used to treat wounded soldiers in bed, with springs attached to the beds and walls. Thus, it has become even easier to recover without having to stay in bed.

If reformer pilates movements are done correctly, they have many benefits for the body. Due to their nature, these are carried out with an instructor, not alone.

Who Can Apply Reformer Pilates?

One of the advantages of reformer pilates is that it appeals to a wide group. People such as the following can benefit from the application;

  • Women who are going through pregnancy can try some movements with the approval of their doctor.
  • After getting approval from the doctor, muscle and bone patients can try this application.
  • If the report comes out, scoliosis patients can try it.
  • People working at a desk can use this reformer pilates
  • People who want to be healthy can do it.
  • Heart and diabetic patients may suffer from vertigo.

In this respect, it has a wide audience. It can be done not only by patients but also by those who want to be healthier.

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